To Newsjack or Not to Newsjack?


Baskin-Robbins just received a rare opportunity to capture the national spotlight thanks to the satirical website The Onion. In an article posted June 1st, the same day Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself on the cover of Vanity Fair, The Onion reports Baskin-Robbins’ apparent support of the transgender community. When I saw this article pop up on my Facebook feed, I thought it was an actual article about their support of Caitlyn Jenner until I saw the URL. That got me thinking, would a savvy member of the Baskin-Robbins social media jump on this opportunity? More importantly, should they?

Trans issues have been in the spotlight recently, and it’s been signaling a positive shift in the attitudes of Americans. A grab for attention would rightly be seen in a negative light, but for Baskin-Robbins, the work has already been done. Send out a tweet confirming The Onion article and say “nice to meet you Caitlyn Jenner!” While I don’t know the position of the company on these issues, it represents an opportunity to insert their brand in a national conversation in a positive way.

And they could do it in 140 characters or less.